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Windo® poster displays provide the complete in-store advertising solution to increase sales by communicating your message on unused floor and counter surfaces. This unique and inescapable medium stands out to increase brand awareness and reactivate the impact of your advertising campaign.

FloorWindo - Face the Floor!
Never has floor advertising been as effective and as easy to use as with the FloorWindo® exchangeable poster display. By standing out right at the point-of-sale, the FloorWindo® increases brand awareness and drives sales. This unique ultra-slim poster displays is placed flat on the unused floor without compromising the surface area. With the emotional impact of your poster in a FloorWindo®, you reactivate your advertising campaign right where it matter the most!

Poster sizes: 4A4, A1, B1, A0

Further information:

esite Download brochure (PDF)

Download New FloorWindo 5 A1 brochure (pdf)

DeskWindo - Optimal Use of Counter Surfaces
Designed for the point-of-sale situations, the DeskWindo® provides an excellent opportunity to reach your customers right at the checkout. This ultra-thin poster display lies snug on the counter surface to clearly display your promotion, and the graphic can be updated in just seconds. The DeskWindo® can be used in most retail situations including post offices, sales kiosks or fast food restaurant to display pricing, promotions, etc.

Available in 2 versions:

DeskWindo® PC
- Top load graphic

DeskWindo PC
DeskWindo® PP
- Side load graphic
- Water resistant & food approved

DeskWindo PP
Further information:

esite Download brochure (PDF)

Download New FloorWindo 5 A3 brochure (pdf)

WipeWindo - When First impressions Count
An effective entrance mat protects the floor by removing the dirt, grit, grease and moisture brought in every time a customer enters the store. By combining a large and practical entrance mat along with the power of floor advertising, the WipeWindo® provides the perfect solution for the creating maximum impact right when your customer enters the store.

Mat size: 100x200 cm

Posters sizes: 4A4, A1

Further information:

esite Download brochure (PDF)

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