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Over 25 years, the company has developed innovative ways to solve the product presentation challenges in the retail environment. The range includes high-quality industrially produced systems for pick & mix, magazines, cards, paperbacks and DVD presentation in retail outlets.

EMLine Racking – Cards, magazines, books DVD`s and more…
EMLine breaks down into an easily manageabl e, light weight container. This allows for easy storage of displays, especially when used for seasonal promotions, store remodels, or for warehousing purposes. It also means that the shipping costs are greatly reduced, helping your bottom line!

EMLine is designed with simplicity in mind. The various extrusions slide together effortlessly to form almost any configuration imaginable. We also have universal brackets and fittings, which allow you to easily mount the EMLine to uprights, walls, gondolas and slat walls to make the most of your retail space and provide support to your merchandise.

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Pro-bin - The ultimate flexible sales promotion bin
Pro-bin is the ideal solution to create a quick, versatile, merchandising area with extensive branding space.

Pro-bin panels can be assembled to create any configuration. Create a square, triangle, rectangle hexagon or octagon from as few or as many panels as you like.

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Pick’n’Mix Sweet Bins
Probably the best confectionery display range of Pick 'n' Mix Sweet Bins - proven in 1000s of stores, petrol stations and convenience stores.

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Injection Moulded Clip strips
Get more from your merchandising space. Clip Strips can be used in a wide variety of places. Clip Strips will help you increase impulse purchases everywhere.

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